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Special Education Schools FAQs

This section includes frequently asked questions about The Children’s Guild’s special education program. Questions are sorted for caregivers and referral sources.

Questions for Caregivers

How do I know if my child should attend a school like The Children's Guild?

Meet with your child’s IEP team to determine if an environment like The Children’s Guild is the best approach for your child’s success. If your child doesn’t have an IEP, discuss this with the principal at your child’s school.

What is an IEP?

IEP stands for Individualized Education Program. It is a document that describes the special education and related services your child should receive. This includes established goals and objectives developed specifically for your child to meet and his address his current needs. Your child’s placement in special education and related services is based on his/her IEP. An IEP is developed by your child’s IEP team which consists of a group of highly qualified individuals, which may include:

  • Educators familiar with your child and his/her needs
  • Professional testers, e.g., speech pathologist, occupational therapist
  • Your child’s classroom teachers
  • Your child’s friends or advocates
  • You and, if appropriate, your child
Can I enroll my child in one of The Children's Guild programs, independent of the school system?

No. Before your child can enroll in The Children’s Guild: Transformation academy, you must contact your child’s current school to request an IEP team meeting. The IEP team will determine if your child would benefit from a school like The Children’s Guild. The final decision and approval would come from your local school system.

Where do you need to live to attend a Children's Guild school?

We accept students from DC and Maryland. If the travel distance is a concern, you must receive permission from your school system.

Doesn’t my child's school already have special education programs?

Some schools do, however your child may benefit from a more structured, therapeutic environment. Students from DC and Maryland. If the travel distance is a concern, you must receive permission from your school system.

How long is The Children’s Guild enrollment process?

The actual enrollment process can take just a few days; however, it can take a few months for you, your IEP team and the school system to determine that The Children’s Guild is the best educational environment for your child.

What are some of the legal rights that I have along with my child during this process?

The Maryland Disability Law Center, the protection and advocacy system for Maryland, published a handbook called “Special Education: Rights and Wrongs,” which describes your legal rights and the rights of your child regarding the special education for your child. 

What is a "least restrictive environment"?

The goal of special education is to provide an appropriate education in the least restrictive environment in which your child’s need can be met. This means that, as much as possible and in accordance with your child’s needs, your child must be educated with nondisabled children, and the school system must try to meet your child’s needs in a satisfactory way. The more a child’s education occurs only with other students with disabilities, the more restrictive the placement. In simpler terms, if a student is able to return to a least restrictive environment after being at The Children’s Guild, they are usually returning back to a public school near their home. They may return to a special education class within the school or back to a general education class environment.

Will my child's academic records transfer to The Children's Guild?


Do I have to pay for my child to attend The Children's Guild?

No. Your child’s tuition is paid for by the approving school system. You are not obligated to pay for this at all.

How old can my child be to attend The Children's Guild school?

The Children’s Guild schools serves students ages 5 to 21.

Questions About Referrals

Do you accept individuals without an IEP?

No, your child must have an IEP.

    Does The Children's Guild have openings at Transformation Academy?

    The Children’s Guild: Transformation Academy has ongoing enrollment throughout the year.

    Who can I contact if I have more questions about Children's Guild day schools?

    Contact Sarah Davis, Referral Development Director, at 410.514.0181 (cell) or email her at [email protected].


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