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The Children’s Guild – Transformation Academy

The Children’s Guild – Transformation Academy is a 12-month, non-public separate day school for students ages 5-21, whose primary diagnosis is autism, but who may also have co-existing diagnoses of sensory processing disorder, a specific learning disability, health impairment, or multiple disabilities. 

Our integrated approach to education provides individualized instruction in the areas of academics, behavior, social skills and life skills to meet the needs of neurodiverse individuals. This is done through a combination of evidence-based practices and Transformation Education philosophy, which creates adaptability in the way we provide programing to foster growth and independence for each student. Utilizing a collaborative team approach of highly trained professionals, including special education teachers, speech language pathologists, occupational therapists, behavior specialists, transition coordinators, and therapeutic behavior aides, our program provides wrap around services to generalize skills and support students and their families across a variety of settings including home, workplace, and community. We aim to provide the full spectrum of services to fit our students’ needs and help them achieve their highest level of independence. 

 We strive to create lasting academic, behavioral, life skill, and vocational change that is meaningful for our students and their families.


Our goal is to meet the needs of the individual learner. We create engaging, functional, and differentiated lessons to make that happen.



The Children’s Guild Transformation Academy strives to create lasting academic, behavioral, life skills and vocational change that is meaningful for our students and their families.  



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