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The Children’s Guild’s Philosophy of Education

Our innovative approach to education is that children “do as we do, not as we say.” Therefore, we place a great emphasis on using our school to model what we would like children to learn.

One thing we would like children to learn is that there is a connectedness to life and a systemic nature to many of the problems one seeks to solve. We model this through integrating instructional material in an experiential way to help students see connections across subjects and relate what they learn to their lives.

The Children’s Guild School of Baltimore emphasizes living life in a responsible way and serving a cause larger than oneself. Thus, students are strongly encouraged to contribute to their family, classroom, school, and community.

The Children’s Guild School of Baltimore uses an organizational philosophy called Transformation Education which fosters flexibility in the way the school operates, is managed, and the way the faculty think and act. This assures each child is treated as an individuals rather than forced to adapt to the organization’s program.

Transformation Education has a strong character education component. The values that pervade our school culture emphasize living responsibly and serving causes larger than one’s self. Students are strongly encouraged to contribute to their families, classrooms, schools, and communities.

The result is that academic test scores go up, children spend more time actively learning, discipline problems are significantly reduced and time out of public school is shortened. Most importantly, our children discover a newfound self-confidence and a sense of hope for the future.


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